Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gangs of Parliament

Didi is hurt and Biwi is sorry!
But wait till you hear the culprit’s story.
Grave provocation – that’s his ‘defense’.
Mind we rape you? No offense!

And did you know there was more to the plan.
Kill the opposition and their extended clan.
Chill my friends, I used to be a goon.
And now your MP – an added boon.
Dear mantri ji , what’s with the lunacy?
Last I checked - we were still a democracy.

Through brazen speeches and sickening threats
Politicians sleep and the nation frets.
Relax you guys and put it to rest,
Just see the comments in the “right” context.
An MP’s good sense gone for a six,
But it’s nothing that an apology, won’t fix.

Also I hear, its bye bye short skirts
Cause you are asking for it, if he flirts.
So girls, better bid adieu to all your little joys’
For our men will be men and boys will – alas!-be boys.