Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have a new phone and I am loving it!

Ainwey hi you folks are going nuts over these ifives – shy-fives and what not. Check this out. Last week,I broke my phone. May its soul Rest in PIECE. And by piece i mean one single piece because my poor phone was smashed into many pieces. So if not its body, at least its soul should get to rest in Piece.
But luckily I had an extra phone and I refer to it as my ‘stepney’ phone and here’s why I love it.

-  One look at my phone and the little beggars on the street have no interest in harassing me. They are smart people who are totally convinced that chasing me would be a total waste of time. So, I am saved the ‘meri sundar kareena didi’ torture.

-  It is the most user friendly and sensitive phone that I have ever seen. I mean Just so that I don’t feel left out in the age of super swanky phones, my phone makes me feel as though I also own a super expensive phone by constantly hanging itself. Now an ordinary person might want to hang himself only after seeing a NOKIA 1200 hang but I look at it as though my phone is trying to make me feel better.

- Since it does not support all that whatsapp nonsense. So there is one less way for people to know that I am jobless. And I, for sure, do not mind that.

- My phone can turn a shy little boy into the Hulk in a flash. Picture this. You are at KFC, ordering a veg zinger burger (Yes, I may be the most strict vegetarian who absolutely adores KFC) and your super swanky phone starts to ring.Bumro Bumro sham rang bumro, aaye ho kis bagiya se, ooooo ooooo tum?”And the cute guy in the adjacent queue who seemed to be shit nervous around you right until five seconds ago quickly transforms into Mr Gladrags Man hunt Mega Model 2012.

- Then there comes the security with my phone that no other phone (even the ones with the best anti theft mechanisms) can guarantee. That ABSOLUTELY NOBODY WILL STEAL YOUR PHONE. Because there is absolutely nobody who wants to steal your phone.

Now you only tell me, with all these and so many more hidden qualities, who would not fall in love with this ultra-hitech piece of machinery. Tell me one phone that comes to your mind which is not just laced with the best anti-theft mechanism ever but also is not oblivious to your feelings, despite being a machine. Believe you me when I say that it's an absolute form of modern art and I happen to love love love it.