Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Monk who sold his Ferrari should have met the Old Monk - All problems solved!

Disclaimer : For You to actually get this post you need to be acquainted with at least one of these two monks
- the Monk who sold his Ferrari or the Old Monk.

Okay my romance with the Old Monk is way too recent for me to go about flaunting it around town (we have been introduced this winter only and for all I know he may ditch me soon) but it is new- it is exciting- and I can barely keep my mouth shut. 

So here goes...
The first thing I asked my friend who introduced me to the Old monk was, “Well, exactly how old is this Old Monk?”  
To which he replied, “Baby he is old enough to understand you.”

Anyway as I was saying since I am only in the morning period of my relationship with the Old Monk, I can’t be too certain about how it shapes up in future but what I can tell you with all certainty is - that the sun has set on my relationship with the Monk who sold his Ferrari.
So even though it was totally bitch-like of me to ditch my ex-flame –the monk who sold his Ferrari- for this new hot flame- the Old Monk- I still did it K

Whatttttttt? Don’t judge me okay. I had to pick my battles after all.

Two years the monk who sold his Ferrari had been by my bedside yet couldn’t do much for me (no eternal bliss- no everlasting contentment) and on the other side was this wise-cracking old monk- who did so well- in keeping all my worries at bay the very second we shook hands.

Why else would a place that is within twenty five kilometers of Chandigarh- seem like a whole other world?

And the best part is that I have always believed that I am into elder guys- So, I guess Old Monk has it all- after all.