Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi rehndi hai. So, what’s your problem jackass?

 I am not even a hard core feminist but even then this song is bothering me on so many levels that I can't help but react. You call this music?

Mediocre offensive novelty crap trying to masquerade as rap.
This is how absurd this song sounded to me...
  •  Pehlan taan kudi ne Ludhiana vi ni tapya si  (Meaning that The girl had never stepped foot outside her hometown) So what is ur problem? It’s not like u were the official sponsor of her out-of-Ludhiana trip. 
  • Poochey Bina gharon bhar pair vi ni rakhya si     (Never had she done anything that her elders did not approve of) So I am guessing your elders are totally cool with you writing such a demeaning sad nonsense (you like to call a song) 
  • Jaddon di madam ji sheher which aai bas party dian gallan kardi rehndi hai (Once a shy timid girl dares to speak of parties now) Last I checked, it was still a democracy and we were still allowed the right to speech.  
  • Kudi saturday saturday kardi rehndi hai(All she cares for are the saturday nights) Count your blessings that she does - thanks to her - you get to earn your bread and butter.  
  • Sarojini ke kapde pehen ke jaati madam disko (She buys her clothes from a flee market)Lol is that supposed to be an insult? I am sorry to burst your bubble Mister rapper but not all of us walk around in Prada. Welcome to the real world. 
  • Vip mein complimentary drinks bhi chahiye isko (She insists on the complimentary drinks when in a club)Well, she can insist on complimentary poison as long as she wants it and the club is offering it. You have nothing to worry, i suppose. 
  • Isko Gadi chahiye lambi, isko music chahiye loud (She likes cool cars and loud music) Why? if u can prefer expensive clothes to ‘Sarojini ke Kapde’ ..Doesn't she have the liberty to like expensive cars? And as far as the loud music is concerned if you hate it so much, don’t come to the club next time, go to a library instead, Pin Drop Silence, my friend. 
  • Ye jaati mehnge club mein jahan pe hota dhang ka crowd (She prefers an elite place and nice crowd)Really sorry, but we did not know that you prefer cheap crowd instead. 
  • Ludhiayane se aayi ladki university padti hai (She is a small town girl in a big city)Now what’s wrong with this? Like being from Ludhiana is supposedly a crime? Delhi University is one of the premier institutes of India after all, where else should she go, to the institute where they teach how to degrade women. 
  • Kehti to hai student hai But I doubt. (She claims to be a student but I doubt)So who asked you to become ACP Pradyuman? 
  •  Mundeya de palle ni tu chhaddeya ni kakh  (She makes the guy spend)It’s not like she put a gun to your head and asked you to offer her that drink. Here’s a tip: if you don’t have the money, don’t offer to buy her a drink. 
  • Aati Honda mein jaati tu Audi mein Khisak (She knows more than one guy) Lol if u can come with Tina and hit on Meena all through the evening well so can she. Nothing personal buddy!
  • S*** S*** Baby what the fuck? (I am sorry despite the best of my efforts to get it, this one sentence did not make any sense to me, so cant translate)But on a Serious note baby what the fuck? I truly hope you can rap better next time. Look up your dictionary there are more words in the English language than s*** and f***. 
  • Sheher aake baby baby kardi, tu pind which bebe bebe kardi hundi si (She uses the term ‘Baby’)Excuse me? Did you just not use the same Baby term more than once in your own song too. Is the kettle calling the pot black?
I can go on but I think I have made my point pretty clear. 

When Honey Singh came up with ‘Aina vi na dope-shope marya karo’ , that song at least had a well-meaning message in it. So even if it bordered a little on the boundary of offensive, nobody seemed to mind it. But you on the other hand, seem to be just tapping the formula that Honey Singh created with Dope-shope but the sad part is that there is no message (I mean not even for the heck of it), except that you objectify women in a very very unwelcome way and that’s not done dude.