Sunday, December 30, 2012

That awkward moment

You never really know how to react when you type your name in Google search and this is what shows up..

         Stutee means to worship and Nag stands for King Cobra.

                       In a way it all adds up.

P.S. Yes, typing my own name in google search, I need to get a life. :-(

Because Great Minds Think Alike

I love reading The Times of India – so much so that my day isn't complete until I give the paper a thorough reading and it has been like this for almost ten years now. 
So you can only imagine my joy on discovering that their pledge – in today’s paper –is pretty similar to mine. The one I posted yesterday .

A screenshot of My post from yesterday.

A screen shot of ToI' s post

Similar isn't it?

After all great minds think alike ;-)