Sunday, June 15, 2014

This Father's day!

This Father’s day!

My Hero, My friend, My Safety net
There’s no one who loves me more - I bet.
First time I rode my bike,
There you were, watching with pride.
As if I had conquered the Everest,
You rooted for me, you were the best.

Remember when I was afraid of dark?
Leave me alone and my throat would parch.
I was your daughter and you loved me alright,
But enough of the delusions? You had to set me right.
So you left me in the jungle -- in the middle of the night,
With a rusty old clock and a funny flash light.

‘Say hi to the ghost if he stops by.’
‘Trust me you’ll like him, he is a funny guy.’
‘See you in an hour, beta I love you,’
And Off you vanished, without a clue.
No wonder I howled in the 5th gear
Through hell I went --- to kill that fear.

Off course you didn’t leave, you were standing right by my side,
Only to teach me a lesson, you had to hide.
This I didn’t know at that point of time,
To me, what you had just done was a big fat crime.
Sure no one showed up all that while (not even a mirchi or a half sliced lime)
But the lesson I learnt was worth every dime.

Then came that time when my Hero changed
Your efforts to rescue – went all in vain.
Gone were the days of the ghost in the meadow,
Now I was keen to outrun your shadow.
I was this pesky little thing you know,
Who felt ‘She knew it all’ – Her biggest flaw.

Anticipating what lay in store,
You stood by my side, but said no more.
Not long after I learnt a lesson again.
This time not so easy and with a lot of pain.
Brokenhearted I came to you
Didn’t have to say a word – you already knew.
Blunder on top of a blunder,
How easily you forgive me? I wonder.

So I guess this father’s day,
What I am trying to say,
Is the thing that doesn’t get said enough
When I hit rock bottom and the going gets rough,
It’s your wise words which make me tough.
Dear father, I love you more than I care to confide,
You are my friend, philosopher and my guide.
I wish you health, joy and pride,
May the life ahead be a blissful ride!