Monday, April 1, 2013

Tch.. tch.. Did you see Mona Singh’s MMS?

Aww.. look at us, the official torchbearers of everything that is good and pure, ready to dissect the details on this one. Don’t we all look great? Sitting and passing judgements on someone else – as if we just came freshly manufactured from the holy factory of custom made virtues.

How easy it is for us to brand someone a slut or pass on our pearls of wisdom in the name of societal values, “dekho aaj kal ki ladkiyan. Tch. Tch.. what is happening to our society?” Never mind the fact that on the side we were enjoying seeing the MMS so much that within minutes of the MMS going viral it was all over the internet, so much so that Google was generating results for Mona Singh’s MMS even as one typed an innocent  M. 
But who can dare judge us? Right? For, we were safe under the garb of anonymity.

Jury is out if it is actually Mona Singh or not and till then every petty tabloid and website is milking the most out of it. I remember when back in the day Kareena Kapoor was targeted just the same way - or the infamous DPS MMS and since then there has been no looking back - one girl after the other keeps falling prey to such nonsense ever since the multimedia has started reigning our lives.

But that's not even my point,  my point is that Who are we to judge Mona Singh? If at all, we should stand up for her. For as she has maintained it is not even her and HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, even if it is her, in both the cases isn't she the victim. 
A Victim of someone’s mischief or a victim because she trusted someone.

And I know that by saying this I am risking finding a suitable match for myself as per the ‘Indian standard rulebook of marriage’ but it’s not like I am going in the perfect bride hall of fame or anything so I am going to say it anyway – 

What a person does or does not within the four walls of their own personal space – should in no way be subjected to public scrutiny –that being said I will stop right here with just one thought in head--- that the girls targeted in such videos are not the culprit – EVEN IF THE VIDEO IS NOT MORPHED- EVEN IF IT IS THEM – culprit is someone else,
culprit is the one who uploaded the video- 
culprit is the one who helped facilitate the circulation of the video –
culprit is the one who morphs such videos (in case of morphed videos)-
culprit is every single person who sat and enjoyed the MMS and then pulled a judgemental face-

So rather than judging the girl – I suggest, we should hope instead that the scoundrels who oh-so-conveniently upload such videos and ruin someone’s career- relationships or mental peace in seconds, come under the hammer - for at the pace that we are willing to sabotage someone's life who knows who could be the next victim of this vicious trap.


Anonymous said...

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Talitha said...

Nope I haven't.
And I'd rather not.
Why would I want to?
Curiosity?Naah...another girl with her dignity being stripped off.And I do NOT want to be party to that.
Like the song,
First comes the clip,then comes the news and then comes publicity in get it.
It'll pass.

PeaBee said...

I haven't seen it :O
Anyway, we as a society often get it wrong when it comes to identifying who the real victim and the criminal is. Case in point: Rape is the victim's fault. 'She must have been asking for it'. Ugh. -_-

Great blog, btw. :)

Stutee Nag said...

@Talitha - you have summed up the exact scene like it is...

@peabee - Welcome aboard-- hope to see you more!