Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Blues of the Blue Blazer

What is with the attitude people?

The standards of hospitality are being re-defined by the clubs in the city – and not in a good way. A couple of passes to let the stags in and they think that they own the fucking world. But what they don’t seem to notice is that they don’t make for a happening place, it is us who do. So it’s better we get a couple of things straight – that If it is two o clock in the night and your effin swipe machine is having a problem – it is not up to us to go out in search of an ATM to gratify your demands, especially when we have paid for the last couple of orders just fine and we did not actually need to order that last round but we still did – under the illusion that it will amount to a perfect ending to a perfect evening. What did we know ki boss ab to chadhi chadhai utarney waali hai – that the place that we were so far believing to be a smart choice for Saturdays and mind patting ourselves about making it there - was soon going to end us in a state of near embarrassment.

You did what you did, that is not even the issue, you well deserved the payment but - the issue is the ATTITUDE with which it was done. You know that look of lame helplessness - the look through which you are willing to be so shamelessly money minded that I am afraid no self-respecting person is going to end up at your place again.

You may have all the power in letting in a couple of cash starved drunk dudes but that in no way gives you the authority or the legitimacy to treat the other well meaning guests the same way.

If you are so medieval that you can’t afford a decent swiping machine- well then the good thing to do is to open a dhaba or at least put a board in front that we, at BLUE BLAZER, do not accept cards- we prefer you bring your goat in exchange for the drinks (which I may add are ridiculously over-priced too.)

And yes, you may have a couple of drunk people around - who put up with your nonsense because they won’t wake up to remember it the next day - but that’s not the case with everybody. Some of us happen to have a perfectly intact memory the next morning. So before you go about judging people on the drunk-o-meter you may want to look into your own errors in judgment. Pfff! Drunkards – that is the look which was the most disgusting part of this whole episode. If at all there was some issue with the card payment – the decent thing to do was to apologize for it and make sure that one of your men helped us to an ATM close by and saw to it that the payment was done. Since when is it okay to treat your own guests with the look of suspicion – to send one of us out looking for an ATM middle of the night – while the rest waited in an almost shut lounge- like some sort of a mortgaged property -that is the last thing one expects from a lounge of a decent standing. You people are all over the internet- inviting us to like you and what not – and party and make merry with you – but when it actually gets to that- all we get is poor hospitality and lame looks. So much for the whole pomp and show you put up.
Well, for all of you sitting on the other side – making big bucks off us every weekend – let me just get one thing straight to you -Chandigarh changes it’s hot spots in a heart beat and I have witnessed this trend for way too long to say it with a certain amount of confidence that you are no different either. You will be long gone and we will be still here merrier than ever. So rather than designing your own doom, I suggest, you redo your vows on what-do-you-call-it atithi devo bhava – or if not that then at least sign up for a two week course in hospitality – this being your first lesson too for free.

And yes, we may not amount to your costliest guest but we do amount to a decent crowd – and like I said – it’s the crowd that makes up for a place and not vice-versa. So next time you go about mistreating any single one of your guests – you may want to consider the fact that there is no worse PR than a vocal person – who refuses to be kowtowed by your anarchic ways and means. Because then no number of likes on a freaking Facebook page can change things. Mind it!