Friday, December 28, 2012

Here’s to the “dented and painted” women of India

Because you don’t rear cattle and you don’t have cracked heels,
How can you know real India?  Is what a leader feels.

You join a protest and light a candle,
Slow down babe- it’s too much to handle.

U juggle work-kids n home- and if somehow U yet manage to look pretty,
Mr. Minister declares you not witty.

So what - you get a manicure? French tips may be!
You still go home and take care of your baby.

But since we are used to mothers like Nirupa Roy
How dare you call yourself a mamma? oh boy!

N if (horrors of horror) ur dented – painted self is not yet married
Consider yourself as good as buried.

Go get married and have a kid,
Must you have an opinion? God Forbid!