Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just for you E

Back in 2007...

It was one of those days when you decide not to dress up for class (the very famous I –dont-have-to-impress-anyone- so-i-am-going-to-look-like-a-patato mode) and then you end up bumping into the cutest guy in college. (Who, by the way- never, I repeat, never shows up for the classes otherwise.)

You are wearing an old pair of denims – so old that they are literally pleading for retirement and your white top- well to say the least- it’s not white anymore- it's creamish yellow and its best days are behind it. 

However, icing on top of this three tired cake of a situation is that ----- because you were in such a hurry that morning----- all you could manage from the huge pile of clothes that once was your closet was a pair of mismatching socks. So you can’t even run and hide as soon as you spot Mr.Cute-pants lest your secret is revealed. You know- the secret of one pink and one green sock.

So all you can anyway do is walk gracefully – well, whatever grace that you can muster at such short notice- and keep walking until you are a teeny tiny dot to him.

Anyway so you get the picture, right? It was an awful day.

I couldn’t feel any less sexy about myself and to make matters worse my best friend was looking like a total pataka – ­which means bombshell by the way. (My apologies for the terminology but what to do I can’t find a better suiting word.) 
So anyway with my face hung low I was sitting at the Library – yeah, because there was no better hideout- not because I am such a scholar.

That is where I met E - this guy who appeared from nowhere - with some pamphlet about Montreal Protocol in his hand.

‘What?’ I made a face, last thing I wanted was to increase my protocol gyan by some geeky chump. The college hunk had literally passed through me – he had not even acknowledged me and here I was stuck with some chashmish – I wanted to die.

‘Read it whenever you feel like,’ he smiled, and left me alone.

I didn’t even bother to look at the pamphlet for a good one hour – it was only when I was about to get up that I realised there was something hand written on the back of the pamphlet. It was a poem and a beautiful one at that. Not because it was a literary genius – but because it was written for me. Somebody had taken out time for me. I welled up right that second.

                                                    Cool Handwriting, no?

After that I tried spotting E in the library but could not locate him there ... rushed out of the library but couldn’t see him there too.. ...and I have been looking since that day... to no avail...

If ever you read this - Thank you E for making me feel sooooooo special and also I am so Sorry that I couldn’t return the gesture.