Thursday, June 26, 2014

Overdose killed the Comedy Star!

I like Kapil. He gave a new meaning to the comedy on Indian Television – He MADE IT FUNNY.

I like Honda. They give us reliable cars.

But whatever these two did, when they put their minds together – I DEFINETLY DID NOT LIKE IT.

Kapil, a small towner, makes me beam with pride every time an Amitabh Bachan walks in on his show.  You know, it’s people like him which give people like us a ray of hope. That never mind the jacks and the pulls and the rich powerful genes, HARD WORK STILL IS THE ULTIMATE KEY TO SUCCESS.  

But does that mean that I like how he pulls those mean oneliners on his wife (Comically masquerading their way through the show as ‘funny shots’)?  I guess not!  Every time he tells her to have a good look in the mirror, or to you know learn from the ‘hot’ women guests a thing or two, or generally to “just buzz off”. A tiny part of my heart feels the sting – but I never let myself look into it because I fear being termed ‘uptight’. ‘You are looking too much into it? It's just a well meaning comey show,' I’d reason with myself and pretend laugh with friends even though the insensitivity in those one liners may sometimes (I repeat, sometimes) be gut wrenching. 

Let’s just say there is a kid in the family and he is watching his elders really laugh and enjoy at how Sharma ji converses with his wife… Are you telling me that, that kid is not going to pick a thing or two from Bittoo Sharma? Again Kapil is not really at fault per say – Just like Honey Singh – he is only representing our general mindset as a nation. But just cause it is general – does it become right?

That sometimes this ‘family show’ crosses all boundaries – (And yes, this from a Splitsvillan) 

How most of the punch-lines of the show are appearance centric? Here good looking women, are celebrated with unmatched gusto but god forbid, you are fat and you are dead. And what’s with that exaggerated goatee on Palak? Am I the only one disgusted?

That women are nothing but talking props on his show, is another thing. Well, of course not the make belief one’s. I am talking about the real one’s  - be it  bua, some padosan or the dear wifey. They are all nothing but meager means to gratify the purpose of ‘sexual objectivity’, again in a funny funny manner.

Well, as long as he makes us laugh! We’d bear with just about anything. Right? We are Indians .. Bearing is our middle name.

But what happens when he loses the comic effect but gets even more ludicrous than before?

Ek saath 7-7 log baith sakte hain, vo bhi adults? Really, Kapil? Really Honda people? Hum ne to suna thi ki achey din aane waale hain – but aapke itne bure din aa jaeyenge – ye nahi pta tha!

This commercial just proves what I feared will happen one day –There is nothing comical about this advertisement but it still retains all the possible flaws.

Here, I leave you with a thought.

An SSB interview going on…

Interviewer: So why do you think you can be an officer?

Interviewee: Because sir, I may not have any of the officer like qualities, but bad habits saari hain. I too smoke and drink, sir ji!



Anonymous said...

Amazing! I wrote that I smiled at that add..but totally agree to whatever you wrote. I see him as a person with the ray of hope..but yes! The overdose is never good. I left watching CNWKS few months back..for all the reasons you wrote above.

Definately a good read :)
Keep on writing

Rob(phys) said...

Th we can criticise ton of things thrown at us .
Fictions and realty shoes are different

Talitha said...

I'm surprised they even went with the ad, it's less Honda than it is Kapil.It'll sell anyway.
And we'll be here.Watching, critiquing and laughing in the end.
Btw, Check your email gal.

Crazy Blogger said...

I haven't seen that Honda ad but I have a thing or two saay about Kapil's show. I don't like the way Bua ji is being presented. She is a butt of joke just because she is 45 and not married, is it seriously funny? I know it's just a show and ' I should have some sense of humour'. But a part of me seriously gets hurt when I see that woman making fool of herself

Stutee Nag said...

@ Cb - I have posted the link to the commercial in the post itself.. Waise you are better off having not seen it.. YOU MISSED NOTHING..

And about the bua .. you just summed up exactly how it is.. It's a pity!

@Tal - sweety I will do my best to reply asap, but it is possible that i may nt be able to follow up, given that i am in between a lot of things these days..sorry babe!

@Rob - well, to each his own..

@Richa - Do keep visiting swthrt! Much love to u!

Rehaan said...

Heyy ... I too saw this honda advertisement and did not find it funny ... it is also overstretched dun you think , as if it was made for youtube viewing only not for general television viewing ...