Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just another day on facebook!

Hey check this out. Cute profile picture ya.. I wonder why I never noticed him before.

Click – Yeah, he is backpacking across the Wicklow national park – just my kinda guy

Next Click – And that stub.. really really suits him .. Manly!

Next click – Ah! A crooked crooked smile!

Next click – Wow and he has a pet dog  - heart skips a beat.

Next click – Boy! He is tall. Wah! Wah! Hi-5 Cupid!

Next click – He sure seems like a hit with his friends too.

Next click – aww and in spite of all this he is a mama’s boy.

Click-click-click-click-click – All pics of him alone or with a bunch of friends. HE IS SINGLE. 

Next Click – Check out his last post he is kinda funny too.

Next click – A caption to his picture reads “I did not want the fish curry though.” Thank God! He did not ‘wanted’ the fish curry and he is a vegetarian. Could I be anymore impressed?

Next click –  Tch… But why is he clicking a picture of himself in front of the mirror? (Tiny heartbreak) Shake it off – shake it off - So what? He is a little self obsessed, it’s endearing really.

Next click – Is that an ear piercing?

Next Click – Pink? Oh no, it’s so not his colour. (Not getting a good feeling about this one.)

Next click – Now did he really have to put a picture of when he had the ‘tere-naam’ haircut.. I mean I know every Indian boy goes through that phase (It’s mandatory) but not every Indian boy sticks on facebook the proofs of every weird phase they went through during their fascinating teens. Other wise it’d be called the ‘phase-book’

Next click : Cowboy hat? Really?

Next click – wait a minute – is that the dog again? What the fuck is he doing with it?

Next click – Likes Honey singh .

Next click – What’s he doing with his head in the toilet?– (This seals the deal – Can’t believe I fell for this one.)

Next click – Back to my homepage.

Next click- settings

Next click – deactivate account

Next click – google

Next click – Will I die single?


Anonymous said...

Where had you vanished girl?

Anonymous said...

haha hi Stutee ,this happens to me many,many times in a week! loved your blog! :)

Rehaan said...

Aaah , stutee... i jus cant believe such a talented , funny and pretty girl like you is worried about being single .... Stay Happy ! Stay Safe !