Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ex And The facebook Politics

Why do I do this to myself?

Why do I end up clicking on your name?
Instead I should block you and never look you up again.
Actually, who am I kidding? I keep you blocked all the time.
But come my period and I dig you up from the mine.
Sulkily I unblock you and boy! do I regret it?
Coz there you are with your same usual shit!
Your creepy-colgate-smile with friends you just made?
AND I spend hours playing - Is he or is he not getting laid

You do know that I look up your profile now and then.
Is that why you are all over the place with your "new" friend?
You check in @ Starbucks and post 20 pictures before you check out.
But you still look so dull for all she knows is to pout.
Then there is that picture of you with her annoying little dog.
Which, zoom all you want, still looks like a frog.

Sadist that I am - I hate it when I can't trace any sadness in the corner of your eye.
But while you do all you can to look happy - I don't even have to try.

Why is it that you never show any remorse or regret?
Do you do it on purpose or is it me who loves to fret?
Clearly I am still hurting- while you have moved on?
There's nothing to work with- Our feelings all gone.
But Its not so that I feel like this everyday-- I have trained myself well -never to think of you.
And it's only rarely that my guard does not hold true.

I may still  be clinging to the past...
but I ALSO KNOW that will come a day when this won't last..
The tables will turn and I will have a blast.


Anubhav Nag said...

i don't have words to describe how much do i love ur writing skills. As far as ur personal life is concerned, even u know and so do we all who love u that u deserve a much better guy..

Talitha said...

Because temptation...and because Facebook and because we all have a stalker inside us!
But how can you be sure the scene isn't the same on the other side??
Though there IS the frog-dog...pretty distracting,yes.

Rajvi Bhow @ Straight talk said...

lol! thanks to facebook/twitter we all have become lil stalkers!!

rupali said...

wow! beautiful

Aditi Sheoran said...

when i read this piece of work i felt connected with it from the very first line, it holds rue for so many of us. But i loved your spirit and you have written this so well :)

Aditi Sheoran said...

you have written this so well, that i felt connected from the very first line.Most of us have a similar story where we keep on suffering bu surfing his profile but what we need is a have blast at the end ;)