Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here's Why the need for a facebook censor may be in the offing?

Do not get me wrong. I am all for freedom of expression and all that but its when that expression gives me a depression that I crave for a censor or some sort of a mechanism that could filter idiots right out of the picture (or, in this case, my homepage.)

No, seriously! I mean, don't you at times think that wisdom on facebook sometimes becomes too much to take.

For instance, you can trust facebook to have you believe that IITians have no better work than to write letters to the Gandhi family and then post them on facebook instead of a post office. I mean come on let's give them a little more credit - they are IITians after all - they know better than that.

Then there will always someone with a badass killer attitude. A person who oh-so-intensely believes and makes it a point that you know that he/she does not care about what someone has to say behind their back - because that is where they belong (or, some such nonsense). Dear lord, so much for these redundant lame philosophies - I don't even have to finish reading a status to know where the person is heading.

And what is with the torture for getting likes -
Like it if you washed your hands after you pooped this morning.
I mean how absurd are we willing to be? Here, have a look yourself....

Dear likers (read Losers), you really want your mother to know that you love her - spend a little less time on facebook and a little more time with her and your purpose will be achieved.
But I think in the end it all sums up to the fact , ki ek chote se like ki kimat tum kya jaano blogger babu?

Next is the attayachar in the name of love.... urghhhh....

                AND IS THIS ONE OF THE WAYS?

Every time I look at this picture, I literally feel like throwing up. So fucking fake, it is.
You mean to say a hearty 60 kgs like me has no shot to be treated by a "real" man ... but god if this is how a real man treats a woman... God please send me a coconut (nareal) man... I swear i won't complaint.

But forget whatever that I said before coz, ladies and genetlemen, we have a winner.
(And also the reason why I chose to write an entire post on the need to censor facebook.)

To everyone who laughed at, liked or shared this picture - the joke is on you - because this is how an ideal man should behave -no one else but you are the 'bewakoof' here.

Welcome to a country where a man is branded a 'bewakoof' if he does not stare like a horny pervert at some girls legs. Here he is made a butt of what can only be termed as some cheap roadside humour - only because he is minding his own business oblivious to the fact that there are skimpily clad girls in the vicinity. Welcome to a nation, where a smart fellow is instead supposed to harass the girls.

For here in India it is considered a man's birthright to stare at a girl (more so if she is in short clothes because bhai ye to tangey dikha ri hai). She is asking for it.

Ya ya I know this picture seems to be very funny - but just try and imagine such a situation for real and you might also start to feel the disgust that I am feeling (more so if you are a girl yourself)

This picture, in short, sums up everything that is wrong with the Indian Man... Hell, what man? I have seen hundreds of women liking this picture.. Also, more disturbing than the picture is the number of likes that it has gotten. This shows the disturbing psyche that is embedded so deep down within our system that we fail to see what is even wrong with this picture... In the wake of so many crimes happening against the women.. isn't it time that we retrospected a little - that we reinvented our belief system or at the least got it updated...

Anyhow, it may be just me but I am sorry to say, that a need for some sort of a check on what goes up on facebook is growing stronger by the day.

Every one is facebooking today -Everyone is doing it- it is a much stronger a medium than television or print or for that matter, even other internet portals----- are we just going to sit and watch and be part of something that is becoming dumber and dumber by the day?


Divya Jani said...

agree!!! people are dumb who like or share as because that post wil bring fortune!! aren't those page need to be blocked! and hey you forget to mention that silly post which says "click 2 and see magic " whenever some one click like or comment and i see on ticker i literally feel like iske sar pe IDIOTIC DUMB ka sticker hona chahiye :))

Anonymous said...

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Mohana said...

your posts really crack me up! ya "true men" picture is HILARIOUS, i mean seriously? if someone genuinely loves you, you gotta test their brawn power by sleeping on them while they do chakrasan. Next thing, even positions from kamasutra will be considered to be all about "true love"

Stutee Nag said...

haahaha There, you have hit the nail with great precision.