Saturday, April 20, 2013

Such Hypcrites We Are!

Wake up and smell the smoke people!
Before it blows up your own ass.
Nine continuous days,(thanks to all the mahila sankirtan samitis) we heard all kinds of songs glorifying women- kind with a zeal unmatched. From Bollywood numbers turned into bhajans -( 'Radhika badnam hui shyam tere liye') to other super duper hit songs to please the Goddesses. 

Finally on the 9th day...
We invited little girls to worship them.
We washed their feet and drank the holy water.
We offered them halwa puri.
We sought their blessings.
Finally we were content - for we had done our part. We, after all, had registered ourselves in the good books of the lord-fearing hindus. We qualified for moksha now. The Goddess is happy!

HOWEVER, I don't think we had even folded the good old dari after the oh-so-glorious and spiritually satisfying Kanjak pujan when in came the news of a five year old who instead of being "worshipped" on the 9th day of Navratras was being brutalizehed in such beastly manner that it sends chills down the spine.

On the same 9TH DAY....
He was raping a little girl
He was inserting bottles and candles into her private parts.
Her external genitals may have been damaged for life, say the surgeons.
She was not fed for three straight days.
Policemen, (who in all certainity came to the chowki after having done their own kanjak pujan at home) were trying their best to ''settle'' the case.
'Be happy, at least she is alive,' they apparently told the family. 

I just have one question - why the whole dog and pony show?
Why all the dikhava when deep down we are so beastly that a beast actually might frown upon on being compared to us, the humans.Why all the big talk on women liberation and all that? When a five year old is not safe in her own surroundings. 

We can go on fasting for 9 days straight - we can sing all the praises- we can do all the pomp and show- But the fact remains that right when we are indulging in all that hypocrisy- there is a five year old whose faith in humanity shall never be restored- let alone the God.


Stutee Nag said...

trip perZ said...

I feel It's so normal to be raped in our country that the day isin't too far that more girls will be losing their virginity by getting raped than for any other reason.
That seems to be the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Appericiated , an awakening call ! But rape in our country today is easier than pick pocketting..