Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear Anonymous

Yesterday, my new friend Anonymoys left a comment on my first blog-post on Stu(Art)

Now.. Now.. Anonymous -  Why would you do this to me?

Let me explain...

But First things First, let me begin with telling you this that I am relatively new at blogging and every single feedback small or large, is appreciated like a demented zombie by me.
But the unfortunate truth remains that I am not one/tenth as talented as my fellow bloggers and to make matters worse I don't hard-sell either. So even if at times it annoys the crap out of me - I still go on believing that if I am doing good work, sooner or later it will get noticed.
And even though it gives me an immense bout of pleasure every time someone leaves me a comment on my blog - I still choose not to get after people's life to do so, and hence, it does not happen a lot.

(Barring a teeny tiny percentage) Most of the people who tell me that they enjoy my blog - they do so in person- or over the phone- or through a text or on my facebook- or through an occasional email may be

and, to be completely honest, rest of them don't bother at all.

Nobody, including the best of my friends, bothers to go through the whole "tiring-tedious" process and praises my work in the comments section. Hell, I am not just talking about praise - they just don't bother to say anything at all. May be they genuinely don't like it or may be they are just too lazy to bother to write something- anything- but the truth is- that even though they are completely aware of how psyched I get, every time I see a feedback, they still don't do it - not even to make a friend happy -
The reasons as to why they don't post out here could be plenty- they may be super paranoid that if they once comment here they might get lost in a blogger's wonderland and never return to earth safely or may be it is because they find my blog insanely boring. But the point is that THEY simply DON'T CARE.

(I tell you things would have been a lot different if my blog was a picture of a girl pouting her lips to glory.)

But you, Anonymous, you brave-brave soul, you dared to cross all those barricades, pitfalls and traps that I have set on my blog for innocent visitors just like you. And you left me a comment, and a rather meaningful one at that (and still managed to return alive to tell your story).
And not just that You re-affirmed my faith- that my dream of giving India it's own Fantasy- a character, that for a change is not something copied (and poorly so) from the west- is not a total lost cause. You made me smile - you made my day and most importantly, you reminded me that I shouldn't give up.

Now why would you give me so much joy and yet deprive me of the privilege to thank you in person.

So here goes...

Dear Anonymous,
Please don't hide under the garb of anonymity next time - allow me the chance to at least know your name so that when I thank you for your kind words- I shouldn't feel like I am talking to a wall.
Yours sincerely,
Stutee Nag

P.S. Please convey my warm regards to your friend who introduced me to you :-)


Talitha said...

That is so sweet...they say these are the best things about being an we affect somebody I mean!
And you're doing something right when you are faced with opposition na?!
You keep going with that novel girl...and I have dibs on being one of the first to read it!:)

Harbinger said...

Nice one Stutee ... Mr/ Miss/Mrs Anonymous.... you should realize a girl may not die of heart attack... but they can surely die of curiosity.. and i surely want this sweet girl... to leave u so soon... so my humble quest... Kindly reveal your identity else stutz will keep on suffering with a stomach ache

Karun Jamwal said...

a post for an anonymous guy... or what should we call him..... Mr. India.. he deserved it. .nd now u deserve to know who he is. ..

Setu Sharma said...

Stu u definately doin the good work n gud work always pays,n this is to all d lazy lames out dere-plz do takeout a lil one min mre frm ur precious leisure time which u l spend siting on ur couch wartching xoxo serials or having a tub of popcons n eyes demented on ur screns,intead appriciate my sweet frds n keep on motivating her

Alokita Sharma said...

hey.... You MADE my day.. :) I have never got mentioned in a blog ....anonymously but nonetheless mentioned. I will give my regards to Dhananjay Khandelwal. The friend who introduced me and praised you like anything.

Well,all things aside I am Alokita Sharma. :)

P.S. I didn't hide my identity I just didn't know which to choose :)

Cliche Writer said...

Hey, this is the third time I am trying to publish this comment.

I am trying to remember what I wanted to say but it was something like...

Hey ... You MADE my Monday as it is the most hated day of the week. I just got mentioned in a blog although anonymously but mentioned nonetheless.

I will give my regards to Dhananjay Kahndelwal who made me so curious to read it, I couldn't leave it. He praised you as if it was his own blog :).

Well,the most important part I am Alokita Sharma.

Ajay Kontham said...

Everyone has that feeling that what we write may not impress others or may be liked by others. And friends are the last place I would go. They would read, for the sake of reading and that's it. End of Story. I make my face like, So? How was it? They don't even respond, and when they do, WOW It was awesome. And It feels like Sarcasm.

So, when someone takes time to comment and more importantly to appreciate, it really feels good. Though, how bad we might think we have written, a comment either small or big, makes the day awesome.

And Good Luck with the novel. Hope that there will be a free giveaway for your followers. #JustKidding :P

The Purple Assassin. said...

That is so lovely!
I can imagine what you must be going through!
See, this just reflects how amazing you are at this!


parth bhagwati said...

I m still alive....I still go thru all ur posts..I still savour its delight,u still make sense wid every post....I will be there till ur blog wants rit nw m living a monks life,or no life.really wish I cd be regular..