Thursday, February 7, 2013

India - My Beloved Country

India, my beloved country, where you are adored for speaking toota foota Hindi awwww... but stammer for just as much as a split second while speaking English and you’d be stoned to death.

Here  it’s considered ‘cute’ if you are having a hard time saying ‘Gantantra divas’ but dare to mispronounce Louis Vuitton and you are dead meat. 

India, a land, where I have seen a burger – both being ordered and served in horrible butchered English but try and place your order in decent Hindi and people will look at you as if you forgot to wear your pants, the very people who don't have nimbu-pani for the fear of sounding downmarket but have no issues ordering a Mojito with a 'J'.


Jay Singh said...

Mojito with 'J' lol ..
I have seen people ordering Crepe as 'CREEP' ..
But it think it's good that English is given so much emphasis on us since childhood no matter how much 'TUTTA-fUTTA'. Cause it is this language itself which has made us actually bang hell lotta jobs everywhere and be competitive. I don't know about beuaty, but lotta em ladies of our made through beauty pageant's cause of their answers that they gave in an ELECTRIFYING manner in English(Hey they actually gave their answers in ENGLISH{mostly} .. where as Women from nations like Uzbek or maybe Ghana types despite of knowing English however tutta-futta gave their answers in native languages .. which is a good patriotic way). Which brings me to the point that ignoring your mother tongue is like ignoring your SKIN.
You can't act like an ostrich with it's head dug in deep looking for Monroe.
Conclusion: You write nice and this topic has both it's Con's and Pro's .. it's like a nuke .. you got equally good benefits as well as disastrous results.
My opinion? Well we are from one of the remaining most pre-historic civilizations .. let's teach em buggers some nice hindi .. so that in future people from Sweden also think that if you don't Hindi then you forgot to wear your pants.

Jay Singh said...
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Karun Jamwal said...

so true...
by the way how do u pronounce that first word?

kuldeep dogra said...

if you can post same comment again in हिंदी , then iam agree with you!! otherwise no use

kuldeep dogra said...
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Neha said...

Hahahaha... I loved your mojito with J. I agree with you. The problem in today's world is that english is given so much importance that hindi is considered to be down market.

Rajvi Bhow @ Straight talk said...

hahaha this is so true.. very insightful.. we really don't realise how we give so much importance to a foreign language unless we are told so. And you know in other countries like for e.g. European countries like Italy, France people don't even care how much English one knows they love talking in their local language

Talitha said...

Naw naw mate...I for one would go head-over-heels for a guy who spoke shudh Hindi...all the aap and baithiye stuff but they're a dying breed or maybe extinct...but if you're out there hear me ji!
Till then we'll havta do with Mojitos with Js in them!