Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A post at the cost of my right eye!

Beta, your eyesight is just fine as of now but if you want it to be this way, I forbid you from even touching your laptop for at least a week,’ said my eye doctor, this afternoon.
And I looked at him as if he had asked me to jump off an airplane minus a parachute.
(And to make matters worse I am no Saif Ali Khan from Race 2 either.) Yes, I saw the epic- guilty as charged- and that too when I had a tough time sitting through Les Miserables. Oh dear God, I have shared too much, haven’t I?
Anyhow, back to my news coz I don’t have much time- You must have heard that old saying, ghoda ghaas se dosti kare to khaye kya? But what if the Ghass itself takes a restraining order against the ghoda- What then? Ghaas being my blog and me being the Ghodaa.
Everything was working just fine- until I had a stupid-stupid argument with my brother- and cried my eyes silly- now I can’t as much as look at the laptop screen without squinting- coz it’s paining so much. Tell you something- it is a very secret hush-hush task that I am doing- Writing  this post coz Mom won’t as much as blink once before beheading me, if she knew what am I up to right now. Anyhow I had to- had to do this. Had to tell you all that I am soooooooo sorry I have not been able to reply back to you since last 2-3 Posts but I had my reasons, blinding eye pain being one of them. Anyhow, I may be gone for a while and I wanted to wish you people a happy Valentine’s day in advance.. Lot’s of love to all of you and I’l miss ya.. Please pray that I come back soon.
‘No Laptop – No cellphone- No books,’ ordered my doctor. Well, as far as books are concerned there isn’t much of a problem anyway but the rest oh no.. and the worst part is that I am not even allowed to cry.
Anyway I must stop the rambling – or else, you may say aankh ka to pta nai but dimaag pkka kharab ho gya lagta hai ;-)
(Not posting this on my fb account – for I know if you care enough- you’d end up reaching Stu(Art)
P.S. – Let this serve as a wake up call to all of you- please give your eyes enough rest and don’t take them for granted- I did and if not for a timely check up- I would have ended up a lot worse.
Lots of love yet again’


Ajay Kontham said...

Actually there are screen guards (eye -guards)for the laptops, I guess you already know. I mean you could use them in future may be, when all gets well to avoid landing up in such situation.

And I am guessing you don't have glasses. Sometimes they help reducing the stress to the eye. #JustSayingWithExperience .

No Laptop - No Cellphone - No Books? Thats' like a severe punishment, at least for me, it would be.

And hope to see more posts, without you looking over your shoulder and with a perfect eyesight, of course.

Take Care. :)

Talitha said...

And just when I've tagged you for a Liebster on my blog.Have a look at it when you get back.
Like Ajay said,Glasses maybe?
You go have a good long rest girl.
But be back soon please?
This is all so effin contradictory but you get me!
Lots of love and Prayers too.
Take care missy!:)

Divya Jani said...

Take Care Stutee.... I can sense ur absence with last post almost weeks ago!!! Come back with ease....