Friday, January 11, 2013

Sometimes It's okay to be the last one standing

So your friends kidnap you from your workplace on the pretext of some sort of luncheon emergency and the next thing you know you are lighting a bonfire in a rustic British Cottage near Kasauli.

At first I was cribbing about not being told in advance – you know I did not have my camera – (the blogger at work 24/7) and I couldn’t take off my black lawyer’s robe- I had to fight the cold  after all– I was not really prepared for this outing and that bugged me – Salwaar kameez and a blazer don’t sound very chick and were not very much in keeping with all the acoustic hippie stuff that was going on around me – my kajal was super smudged – I wasn’t wearing my favourite uggs – which I keep in store for outings just like these – In short nothing was planned.

And  it was amidst all my whining that it occurred to me that I had everything that has ever been on my bucketlist - A crisp winter evening – nice smokeless fire – a spread of endless trees and flowers –clear sky- billion stars- awesome music – super awesome friends – funny chit chat – crispy munchies – hot gossip – cool guitar and  most importantly the new love of my life– The Old Monk ;-)

Could I ask for anything more?

Could life get any better than this? What the fuck was I ranting about?

This was God’s way of making up to me for a stay-at-home new year – I realised as soon as a friend played one of my all time favourite numbers (he has a voice to die for btw) “teri nazaron ka jaado saari duniya pe chal rha hai – zindagi ki is bheed mein sab se peechey hum khadey”

I don’t have much to say except that off late I have realised one thing that life happens when you don’t plan it. Most of my road trips turn out to be more fun when they are unplanned.

Because more often than not my planning is as useless as that sticking gum we get in the Indian Post Offices – OF NO USE.

So sometimes it’s okay to be the last one standing and to watch life go by.. try it – it’s fun!

P.S. I love my life. (No more cribbing- although a little behind on the schedule- but this is my new year’s resolution.)


parth bhagwati said...

This one really enthralled me....riveting write up..Stutee.

Talitha said...

What to win some you lose some!
But in this case it was more winning than losing...unless there was some cute guy you wanted to impress but hey,isn't this the stuff of modern love-stories....girl in totally messed up avatar(according to her) but the guy only falls more in love because of her fumbling cuteness...and there I go rambling again.
But I do wish you had the camera!:)

Stutee Nag said...

@parth - thanks - hope the prep is goin gud n strong!

Stutee Nag said...

@talitha - even though all of them were cute but they are all strictly in the "friend zone" and bout me being fumbling cute - trust me I wasn't even kinda close to that - lol but mostly I was only pissed coz I did not have a camera- it was a beautiful- beautiful place ..