Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hey I am a man – oooh I HAVE A PENIS – in short – a license to rape.

I do not own a TV. So the only way I get to know about the outer world is through newspapers or a little bit through the internet.  Today I was late for work, so I did not reach out for the paper until half an hour ago.  So, if you ask me I had a nice day- u know posted some pictures- got a hundred likes- Liked two hundred others myself. Felt really good seeing that I am still popular.
 So far so good.
But what I did not know was that right at the time when I was busy posing for my “natural shots”  
(yes, i am talkin about the pictures that look really as though I had no idea that they were getting clicked but the truth remains that I take atleast 100 such pictures before I settle on one and I am not even ashamed to admit it anymore) 
exactly at that time, there was a girl right in middle of our capital city living the worst nightmare of any girl’s life ever. 
And you know why am I not shy to admit my double standards anymore? 
Because after a certain incident you reach that point when you are so full of self loathing for being so full of yourself- for not being able to make a difference and most importantly for simply reclining on your easy chair, for shrugging, for being able to move on so easily and for not really giving a fuck- that no matter how much someone else hates you, you yourself are already a step ahead on the hate-o-meter and their hatred/judgement refuses to matter.

In that one moment you realize that that you are nothing but a fake pretentious nut who is described by her facebook account- that nothing else really matters to you- as long as you get your 100likes/day. 

That nothing- no matter how grotesque- can ever shake you up from your fucking state of oblivion. 

I don’t know if I’d be able to get through to any of you but the only thing that is coming back to me since the time I read today’s newspaper is.......
There I was getting clicked -la-la-la- when a girl my age was getting stripped.


parth bhagwati said...

ur ferment take on male's asset is a bit preposterous.we countless males still carry the ding dong with dignity with an assiduous attempt nt to miss utilize it .plz dnt incinerate the whole male kingdom for the ghastly act of a few bastards,who nt becoz of the possession of male's asset bt because of a a very ruthless nature and a polluted mind commit such heinous crimes.these people hv lost their cognitive standards....and should be hanged..fr in the wrds of bible, human being ceases to be a human,the moment he dispassionately hurts somone without any cause.i endorse ur anger...

Talitha said...

Aww sweeetheart...don't bash yourself up...it's not like you knew about the girl and still stayed quiet about it.
I'm not justifying what a horrible man did and your anger is justified,you have every reason to be angry but no generalising and no bashing yourself up.
That state of oblivion...I think that's what we ought to change but it's just a fake political speech in the end...our words.

Stutee Nag said...

I have nothing to say you guys.,, this may be the only time in my life that I am short of words.