Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things that the Gen-next will never know!

Okay now that the 20-12-2012 has passed and we are pretty much alive – I guess it is safe to assume that the world will move on – that there will be a generation next.  And while that is good news – here is a list of things that keeps popping in my mind that the next generation will never experience-

Ø  Like, for example, will they ever know that there once existed a world without facebook -(and people still formed friendships.)

Ø  Or, will they ever get that heady rush from the magical swirl of – fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck Shaktiman.

Ø  Or, will the present Hollywood watching- fata-fat English speaking generation ever understand what a thrill it used to be as an eight year old to watch Jurassic park in hindi?

Ø  When the whole family would sacrifice their privacy to sleep in the AC wala room--- Present day kids can’t imagine such a time.

Ø  Will this Digital camera holding generation ever realise the value every single photograph had on a roll of 36 photographs in total?

Ø  Will they ever be able to wrap their heads around the fact that there was a time when Mc Donald’s used to be such a big deal that when relatives from big cities came visiting, they used to bring Mc Donald’s burgers as souvenirs of love.

Ø  Will they ever know what girls look like without re-bonding?

Ø  Will they ever be able to say that they have had Maggie at 4 bucks a packet?

Ø  Will they ever realise what a thrill it used to be the first one to pick up the ringing landline- that leap of joy from across the room to be the first one to answer the call- no, the present android generation will never know!

Ø  That there was a time when not everyone from an 8 year old to a dhobi could afford a cellphone and yet somehow everyone stayed connected.

Ø  That we had to rent movies- downloading wasn’t an option.

Ø  They won’t know what it was like to step into a new century.,, the whole Y2K mania.

Ø  Will they ever know that brazil lalalalalala used to be the national song at every second wedding. Vengaboys wouldn't have been this popular in Brazil, i bet.

Ø  Again- I doubt- if they’d know what a relief it was to step from the local talkies (where I have actually seen people bringing their own chairs) to multiplexes.

Ø  Lastly- will they ever know that from a good internet connection to someone’s affection- we took nothing for granted- we valued stuff and from our room to our popcorn - we didn't mind sharing.


Talitha said...

Loved it...*wiping away tears of nostalgia and laughing too much*..:)

Stutee Nag said...

aww thank u sweetheart!

parth bhagwati said... watch this show if u get time highlighting the atrocities faced by girls in everyday life.i loved ur post once again as usual.

Stutee Nag said...

thanks parth and I sure will have a look at it.