Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Cards- Some Chai- Some Gupshup!

It was one of those days- when you get up and the first thing you say is, “Lord what the fuck!”

ü  You know cause you missed the doodh-wallah for you were too lazy to get your bum out of your cosy bed and now there is no coffee for you.
ü  The kudah-wallah has taken an off for the third consecutive day and the garbage in the kitchen is overflowing.
ü  The sabzi wallah is constantly repeating the items on his menu along with their respective Max retail price right in front of your house on top of his voice.
ü  There is no balance on your phone.
ü  Yes, it is also one of those days when there is no water in the house.

ü  AND THE MOTHER OF ALL MISERIES – You have a hang over!

 So in the words of great Chandler Bing, “Could you be more screwed?”

But thankfully, against all odds, my day still picked up and here’s how?

I packed up some knick knacks – you know my travelling kit – although it’s not so much a kit as it is a camera and a deck of cards (actually two decks of cards)- and I showed up at my friend’s house. 
It took us literally ten minutes to decide where to go and there we were on our way to Nalagarh fort even before my hangover could bid me goodbye.

And unlike the RDB fort fiasco this one was a total blast.
Ø  The drive was awesome-
Ø  it wasn’t all that far away-
Ø  no eve teasing-
Ø  well kept-
Ø  beautiful-
Ø  and the food they serve there- pretty nice.

Well my rating of the place is three and a half stars. (And all this when I was totally sober- so you be rest assured that there are no drunk exaggerated memories in my head- it’s the absolute sober truth.)
Do visit if you haven’t been already but make sure it’s a bright sunny day and also make sure that you schedule a little picnic near the SISWAN Dam. 
The Dam

The dam is on the way to Nalagrah fort only and it is very pretty. So you make a day out of it. 
And Like I said the fort is barely one-one and a half hour from Chandigarh -so you can be back on time. But if you want to stay at the fort they have that option too. 

                                                                          The Fort

And that is how I ended my day.. with a big fat smile.


Talitha said...

Yay for ready-to-pack-up-and-go friends!!
The dam looks fun...I can just imagine walking along the walls of the fort!

Stutee Nag said...

I know if not for such frnds my life wud have been a total bust,, and yep it was every bit fun,, the fort-the dam- everything :-)

parth bhagwati said...

late thou i am....but still let me begin by asking u..Stutee...'HOW U DOINNNN...?...AND Ross... if he wud hv seen this piece,he mit hv as well as said - ur anatomy of dissecting sweet little events and fine tuning it is full of effervescence and is as fresh as a newly discovered fossil frm the mesozoic era...that i jst love it.good job lady.