Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sitting on the shit pot – waiting for something magical to happen!

Tell me something honestly, how many of you can actually picture an American kid going up to his pals and saying, ‘Yo dude! Have you seen the fifth season of kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi ?It’s fucking bitching man!”
Why is it that we can download and watch an entire series of Entourage in one week max but it gives us an instant headache the second we watch a woman decked up like a Christmas tree in main tere anagan ki mitti ki dhool or something to that effect.  Why is it that you feel like vacuuming up that dhool- right that second?

I have a dream of giving India its own tele-series. A series- that, for a change has not been Ctrl-C-ed and Ctrl v-ed  from the west- A series that is brutally authentic- A series, where we give Indian audience some credit and not just try and lull them into believing in a scene where a man is having a conversation with a woman who, forget being in the scene, is not even on the set (all you can see is the back of her head and you can totally tell that it’s not her but yet you are supposed to believe it anyway and episodes after episodes go on like that)-  I wish to create a series where we can’t blame it on the fact that westerners have more money and better effects and blah blah- I mean what special effects did F.R.I.E.N.D.S have for crying out loud and yet it went on to become one of the biggest hits of television history.

I want to create an Indian tele-series that people would not mind losing their sleep to catch a late night episode of or something that they would make space for in their hard disks. Something that the people would show off about – as having seen.  Something that westerners would really want to copy but fail- just like we do when we try and copy their stuff. A character named Karan or Rahul but with the only exception that he is worshiped like Barney -by the audience all over the globe. And may be a facebook page in his name- with millions of followers world wide. That is what I wish to create.
And What I won’t give to be somewhere creative?

But Instead I am stuck here preparing for exams which I have really no interest in clearing – but which the society would have me believe is the right way to go. Never in my life, have I felt so torn up between interests that are so diametrically opposite to one another. I am not saying that clearing an all India Exam is not cool- hell, I am not even saying that given proper time and effort I can’t clear one such exam- what I am saying is that I am certain that even if I end up clearing it- I am not sure if I would stick it out.
Because my heart lies someplace else.
And you may call me all the names in the book but I am still going to call a spade a spade, yes, there are double standards in every household when it comes to girls and boys. It is so difficult for us girls- we are so fucking shackled- why can’t we give up everything and chase our dreams without any emotional baggage whatsoever- why is it that the very thought of proving yourself in this big big world- is considered rebellious and not endearing--- if you are a girl.
My folks like to believe that they are supportive of my wild endeavours- but the truth is that they are not- and the cherry on top is that they don’t even know this. They say they don’t mind my crazy pursuits but the truth is that the limit on crazie-o-meter is already predefined- there is a set limit and you are not allowed to cross that- which anyway negates the sense of freedom in its very essence- the minute a relative or a family friend pops up with a news about Pintu clearing an exam or neha getting married- there goes their whole support down the drain.

After hours and hours of grilling yourself with the Indian Penal Code, Criminal procedure code, Civil procedure code and yet not learning a thing when you finally get up to attend to the nature’s call-with the city supplement of times of India in hand and end up reading Raju Hirani’s interview on how he got to be the most sought after director in the B-town – you just ask yourself this one question- what the fuck are you doing sitting on a pot?


Ajay Kontham said...

I have the same question, almost every other day.

Please. Please. Give the Indians a New TV Series. I have no idea how people watch the soaps and how they make it so long and boring, to add to it.

Talitha said...

A lawyer who wrote a blockbuster TV series does sound cool no?!
And it'll turn out to be something awesome...pukka. Something with Delhi and men-bashing and a lot of heart and brain as dreaming is fun for sure!:)
And sad truth about the Craz-o-meter...nothing that'll change any time soon.

Stutee Nag said...

@ajay amen my friend!

@Talitha - hehe only the thinkress can get the fun of day dreaming- isn't it?