Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rang De Basanti Fort - eh!

(pictures at the end of the post)
8:30 am - Left from Chandigarh. (You know, In the Dharti sunheri- ambar neela- har mosam rangeela- aisa des hai mera- mode)

10:00 am - Reached the fort (5 Kms from Khanna).

10: 10 am - Had a Budweiser.

10: 30 amActually played Rang de Basanti music on my i-pod to get d feel. (Yes, I rate myself the highest in the order of wanna be's. I am actually surprised that I didn't end up going there in an open jeep.)

10: 45 am Clicked some pictures.

10:50 am - Some other people (locals probably) walked in - felt good-  to see that the fort was doing so well.

10:55 am - Witnessed something close to hooliganism or what can only be called the Sleaze-fest 2012 
Official partner- Testosterone Charged losers pvt. ltd.
Media partner - Ogling eyes pvt. ltd. 
(men and their ways to attract attention-pffff).

11:00 am - Collected our stuff and Got the hell out of there.
 (In the famous - tch tch is desh ka kya hoga? - mode.)

Nice place.
Try going with a group.
There is not much aside from the fort- so good company is a must.
Rest I understood what Aamir Khan has been saying all this while.
We Indians do really know how to make the others uncomfortable.
(Atithi -not- devo bhav)
I was appalled to see that Not just the foreigners- we don't even spare our own when it comes to showing our inhospitable road side mannerisms- like eve teasing/littering/spitting etc etc.. plus it was really dirty too (liquor bottes- wafer packs- and spit stains) . 
Place requires a little security and a lot of maintenance.  
All this was actually a spoiler and made me deduct 2 and a half stars straightaway from my rating of this place.

** and 1/2* (In case u didn't get it- that was two and a half stars)

Here are some pics I think you may like.

    Behind me is the field where Aamir Khan and the boys took off their shirts!


Talitha said...

Lol..yeah..India is my country after all!
And I'm ashamed of saying that certain Indians are my brothers and sisters!
Hey that pledge could really work!
Btw the boots and long-sleeves look is something I adore and you look good as do the pictures...who's in the stand-at-ease pose??

Stutee Nag said...

the one in the stand at ease post was an afeem-chi or in young people's vernacular was - someone high on afeem...drugs (in the fond memory of his lover)
rest u knw all bout d laurels of the indian youth!

Stutee Nag said...

n yep that pledge could really really work!

Talitha said...

You mean that guy was stoned??...crazy me.I thought he was some retired jawan or something.

Stutee Nag said...

stoned- drunk- i dont know but he sure was in some other world lol

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