Tuesday, October 30, 2012

She is just not that into you!

üIf she has said so herself, coz contrary to the popular belief, when a girl says no she means no, 
ü  If she keeps missing your calls. (Even if God almighty himself descends on mother earth to tell you that lightening struck that poor girl’s phone not once, but over and over again. Do not for a second lull yourself into believing it. The point is no matter how pathetic the circumstance, had she wanted to call you, she would have called you.)

ü  If she always takes another call while talking to you but never, i repeat, never takes your call if the situation was reversed.

ü  If she LoL’s a lot. (Trust me, it's not a good sign)

ü  If her ex boyfriend keeps coming back into the picture like an unascertainable allergy. (Obviously She is still too hung up on him.)

ü  If she keeps falling sick every time you ask her out. (Jaundice/Malaria/AIDS no matter whether communicable or non-communicable, the disease is your cue to take a hike.)

ü  If she’d rather be at her roommate’s sister’s Ladies sangeet than being with you.

ü  If she doesn’t frequent your facebook.

ü  If she doesn’t get your jokes. (Coz trust me a girl will pretend laugh if nothing else to keep a conversation going, provided she is interested otherwise.)



Talitha said...

Heya Stuti,
I just discovered your blog..been reading some of your earlier entries.They're absolutely great!
I tried to find the archive section but couldn't...Help!!
(If it turns out that I was blind,Maaf kar do!)
Love and prayers(that you see this),
The Thinkeress.

Talitha said...

Heya Stuti,
I just discovered your blog..been reading some of the older entries...they're great!
I couldn't find an archives section though...Help!
Waiting for your reply,
The Thinkeress.

Stutee Nag said...

I am really sorry but I have taken those entries off the blog,, But u know what I will re-post some of them with time,, Thanks a ton for visiting.. n sure u will get to read em soon.. xoxo

parth bhagwati said...