Saturday, May 23, 2015

So my book sucks!

So this woman I know, sends me a heavy duty message telling me that she doesn't like my book.
And I am like, ''Me too sista! I am with you on this. Up top.''
I mean why the hell am I not promoting it in the first place?
COZ I GENUINELY BELIEVE THAT I SHOULD NOT BE INFLICTING THIS TORTURE ON HUMANS OF CHANDIGARH and the rest. (only exception here are my poor friends, who had to pay the price of being my friends and they are not complaining - well atleast not to my face. DEAR GOD, I HOPE I HAVE NOT PROVIDED THEM WITH A PLATFORM HERE (BITES NAILS))

Jokes aside..
I should have done a better job.
No questions asked.
But at the same time I am unapologetic as shit.
I tried - I failed - and true to my character, I wil l try again - and will fail - AGAIN- GRANTED.

But no way in hell am I tendering apologies.
You wanna get back at me.. Write an even shittier book and hope that I read it ;-)
Good day!

PS - The link to my book is on top of the page.

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ambitious me said...

Stutee....true you.. comeone girl it takes hell lot of an effort to wirte a book we guys cant write a full page also properly. so carry on with the spirit. you are the best