Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Reluctant 'feminist'

To bend the rules of feminism, as per my convenience - MY CHOICE

To have the audacity of hope to get out of a traffic challan with a lame smile and a corny 'sorry bhaiya' and then to wage a war against 'inequality' - MY CHOICE

To be stupid enough to take (or star in) a Kelloggs two week challange and then to voice 'concern' about women all size - MY CHOICE

To hop to the tunes of a woman practically begging her man to take her shopping cause she has white arms and then coming back home to rant about women rights - MY CHOICE

To post about a hundred selfies a day and to be dumb enough to think that I get feminism - MY CHOICE

To expect to be taken care of in every slightly hasseling situation by my boyfriend, brother or father and then to lull myself into believing that I have a semblance of a sense of equality in me - MY CHOICE

To bitch my mouth bloody about girls (most of them my friends) for being loose and immoral and then to blow the trumpet on my sexual freedom - MY CHOICE

To jump like a demented cow at the idea of a 'ladies night' and then to quote equality as my middle name - MY CHOICE

To expect a man to be courteous to me not by his own choice but by default because that suits me just fine and then to proudly hope that he sees me no different than a man- MY CHOICE

To take pride in my fucked up notions of feminism, liberty and equality and to actually mistake myself for a feminist - MY BLOODY CHOICE

                                   Fuck being the confused 'feminist'.
                                       BE AN EQUALIST


Risha Kalra said...

The alteration of thoughts and formation of assumptions on the basis of gender? I know that's crazy.

Call oneself an Equalist or a Feminist or even a Sexist, barely makes a difference. It's always about actions and, sadly, very few of those are in our favour. It's not the opposite gender I blame, for they are not all the same. Agreed we have come a long way, however, there's still a longer one to cover !

P.S. If only me & you, alone, could change this world for better and real :)

Emmanuel said...

God bless you!