Saturday, March 9, 2013

Magic of a Birthday Wish

or, from Lakme
or, from someone who you thought did not really know, that it's your birthday,
or, from someone who you thought did not really care that it's your birthday,
or, from someone who had celebrated your first birthday with you/ for you,
or from some one who you know, was even more excited than you to bring in your birthday but dozed off at quarter to twelve,
or, from someone who you have never met,
or, from someone who you secretly wished (but never said it out loud) would wish you,
or, from your favorite teacher,
or, from your childhood crush,
or, from your domestic help,
or from that super-smashing senior who you literally worshipped in school (coz she was so hawt),
or, from a junior you never knew in school,
or, from someone, who called you at eleven thirty and never canceled the call so that they were the first to wish you,
or, from someone who stayed awake at odd hours in a far off land just so as to match the time difference,
or, from Westside,
Or from someone who has not forgotten to wish you on your last 15 birthdays,
or, from someone who wishes to celebrate your next 50 birthdays with you,
or, from someone you once loved,
or, from someone you still love,
or, from a very old friend,
or, from a very new friend,
or, a silent wish from those who remember your birthday but try to convince you that they don't...(Let me tell you something you are not fooling anyone)

And, most importantly, from every single person who took out a couple of seconds for you from their busy busy schedule...

Thank you all !!!


Talitha said...

*band-baraat playing in the background*
I feel like screaming...birthdays are always fun!
And may this year and the years after be as much rollicking fun as the ones past!

Anonymous said...

Having accidently stumbled upon this blog yesterday, I'm really surprised at how I'm already hooked onto it!
Trust me, every post of yours (well I've read almost all of them..Some once, some twice :D) is soo relatable, its like you're penning down my own thoughts.
I love your style of writing. Surprisingly simple (without the usual 'unnecessarily exotic' language) and thankfully humorous.. which can be noticed right from your disclaimer :P

Sorry for this huge essay I'm leaving you here, (which is quite surprising since I'm usually a silent reader) I'm definitely looking forward to much more posts in the future! Wish you all the luck..both for your life as well as your blog :)

P.S: I know its none of my business, but just a small little suggestion, however uncalled for it might seem. I read in one of your posts about how another girl intimidates you. Honestly, from whatever I've read and seen of you,(courtesy Splitsvilla and Fb..I promise I'm not a stalker) you seem like a lovely person I would love to be around. So I hope the next time you do meet her or anyone intimidating enough to step into her shoes, you're able to hold your own and smile knowing that you're unique in your own way :)

Oh, and a Belated Happy Birthday. Hope the year brings you lots of love and light =]


Stutee Nag said...

@Talitha - babe I am back to Chandiland and hopefully now I will get back to blogging full throttle.. how have you been?

Stutee Nag said...

@Anonymous - I have a post by the title "Dear Anoynymous"
first of all please please please read it and second of all - are you kidding? I love any feedback that I can get.. you have no idea how happy you made me... please keep visiting but first things first - go read - dear anonymous,, right now..

Stutee Nag said...

and thank you for the birthday wish both of you... Means a lot :-)

Talitha said...

Gawsh your anonymous comments make me want to cry.*sniff sniff*
My anonymous comments are of the check this blog out variety and they end up being porno stuff.Horrifying.
I might have wage a spam war soon.
Though you wont be seeing much of me on my blog at least for a month.Engineering exams suck.
But you're back and that's great. Really. I'm starved for laughs.

Stutee Nag said...

@tALITHA - ALL THE BEST BABE.. go get em! and please come back soon.. will miss ya

Stutee Nag said...

@Sakshi - oh dear God - you must think I am so dumb- i dint see your name earlier- kindly strike off my previous suggestion of 'dear anonymous'... and thanks yet again for the lovely words and wishes.. xoxo keep visiting..

Sanjana said...

Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was good! :)