Friday, February 1, 2013

Aye Mate! Are You a Dawg sorta fella?

Back in my house hunting days...

‘Uncle, can I keep a dog here?’ I inquired, after rent, security and everything else was settled. 

The landlord looked at me as if I had asked him to transfer all his movable and immovable properties in my name.
One look at his face and my entire brain (including the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata) started flashing, ‘Ctrl-z Ctrl-z Ctrl-z’

But too late- the damage had already been done- and much to my dismay there was no way to undo it- no option of  ctrl-z at all-Needless to mention, I did not get that house.

And that is how I ended up living here – in my present accommodation and ever since I have gotten here I have wanted to keep a dog, may be a Pug or something. 
Now, let me make one thing clear at the very onset, that even though I decided to get one I really am not a very Pug kinda person- I love Great Danes and St. Bernards as much as the next person but to tell you the truth, I am renting a teeny-tiny 2BHK and with such little space I am not exactly set to entertain a big Dog- I mean my apartment is so pitiably small that a st. Bernard won't so much be able to stretch itself without jamming the neighbor in the eye and unfortunate as it is becoming, neither am I getting paid enough to fancy a tiny little Chihuahua.

So, like it or not, a Pug it is.

Because let’s face it --- a Pug is to us what a Pomeranian was to the generation of the 90’s. – The Poodle of the middle class.

So, it was my super-human search for a cute little hutch wala kutta that first brought me in touch with Mr Gill French Mastiff Kennel

I went in looking for a Pug but what did I know that one look at their dogs and I will be back to square one – Yes, I told you I am not a Pug kinda person- I only had to see their gorgeous French Mastiffs and Rottweilers once, to realize that a sweet little Pug simply does not deserve me.

I am only fit to pet a dog thrice my size- it has always been like that- I have always fancied the butch. The fact that Scooby- Do was my favorite cartoon growing up, stands a testament to the fact that I always had and will admire big burly dogs. So, it didn't really come as a shock to me, when my new found love for pugs died an instant death right that second.

Now can you blame me for changing my mind? Here, have a look...

A French Mastiff Pup

An American Pitbull Pup
St. Bernard Pups

Rottweiler Pups

                                                           A St. Bernard Male

A Seven Month old  French Mastiff Male 

                                                                     A Rottweiler

                                                         And finally - Great Dane!

As should be obvious, I had to return empty handed- because I could not possibly take a dog that size home with me and then sleep in the balcony myself - also I did not want to buy a dog that I did not really cherish- wouldn't have been fair to the poor little chap. Although I do plan to gift someone a pup- sometime soon- and that person is going to be rather surprised too because in all my belief he/she is going to read this post.(Will keep you posted about that as well.)

However,the good news is that  if you don’t have any space issues as such – and you are looking to buy a dog – then  Mr Gill French Mastiff Kennel. may not be a disappointment.

From German Shepherds to Labradors, they cater in many other breeds too. So, unlike me, even if all you want is a Pug- don't feel, you can't visit.

And guess what Stu(art) readers get a 1000 off per pup – all you have to do is share this link.
By the way You can share it just for fun too - I won't mind- I promise ;-)

For further details - Contact Yashan Gill at 09915822267 

I hope this write up brought you one step closer to your favorite dog.

For I may or may not be a Pug kinda person but I definitely am a Dawg sorta fella!

I say Dawg coz it sounds Hawt (Wink- Wink)

oooh (I almost forgot this part) I asked and they checked- They don't keep Ram Singh.


Diksha Sharma said...

I wish my parents would let me keep a dog. :(
All I get to keep are fish!

I hope you can find some time to visit my blog.

Maybe we could follow each other? :)

Talitha said...

I'm sorry but this blogger has died and has gone straight to cute-dawg heaven!
And she wasn't even a dawg person...waaaa.:()(FYI,that's a mix of cute-happiness and regretful can't have a dawg too.I get you girl.I so do.)

Stutee Nag said...

@Dikshsa- lucky u r, even though fishwise it may be.. I once had fish t00.. infact you know what writing this reply to u- I just thought of another post on my blog.. lol so thanks
I checked out ur blog, although couldn't do so thoroughly but I liked whatever little I read.. You are a good writer and I am looking forward to visit u more often.. till then- have fun!
P.S. I used to be a big fat shopping maniac too.. Now not so much!

Stutee Nag said...

@Tal - but guess what I am only giving it up for say a couple of months- once I am moneied enuf for a bigger space- I will have all sorts of pets hehe.. and then I will invite u over ;-)

Sanjana said...

I love dogs! Can't keep one cos I'm hardly ever at home. :(

Diksha Sharma said...

Lol. Looking forward to reading that other post. :D

Keep visiting. :)

Would love to read your thoughts on my posts!

Nitin Adlakha said...

Aye Mate! M not a dawg sorta fella.. but here's a pic of Choco (not chocolate :P, name given by mie frend to his DAWG)

nice blog.. i write at The Wandering Thoughts :)