Saturday, January 5, 2013

Will You Let Your Child Access facebook?

I won’t.

I know what must you be thinking? Just two days ago she was whining about not wanting to get married and here she is worried sick about her future children. But don’t blame me. After all I am a Piscean, that too a woman and the ground reality, my friend, is that “WE THINK” and more often than not we can’t keep shut either.
It first hit me some three years ago – when I started getting friend requests from children in their early teens- you know the ones with that new found “kickass attitude” (Read: scary).
The ones who’d join any group at the drop of the hat just cause it had the word hate/fuck or flying-fuck in it. 
Not because they were really capable of hating someone – or they even understood such a strong emotion- - but only because such was the difficult age that they were passing through that they’d do just about anything to fit in.

But then again who am I to talk? I was even worse. (Thank God, there was no facebook when I was a teenager- I would have made a big “hardass” fool of myself- sigh -relief!)

Anyway let’s not get into the super-glorious topic of how big a fool would I have made of myself? The mere thought is frightening. 

And let’s get back to the topic in hand – children accessing facebook.

                                                 This would be a nightmare come true!

Not that it didn’t bother me three years ago when I started getting add requests from children in the first place – (although I avoided adding them so as to do my part in discouraging them)- but then that was it – I was way too caught up in my own blunder-fest to bring about changes in the society.
So it was a set procedure - I’d deny any such request and then I’d keep getting repeated add requests from the same kid and ironically enough his profile quote would read "I don't really give a fuck. So fuck who you are."

But you know what is even more alarming and unfortunate than that? With every passing year the average age of the friend request sender is lowering on my fb account – Hell, I got a friend request from a seven year old – for crying out loud.

I am aware that this dadi amma avataar may be too much to handle for you people but I have got to say it – Internet (which is not familiar with any kind of censorship) is not a place for children that age. Moderate use of the computer may be one thing but access to facebook is only going to mess them up. I know it’d be years before we may have to worry about such things but we better face facts asap.

Because last thing that i’d want to witness is ---- my six year old pouting her lips as soon as she spots a camera! 


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