Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So, here's the deal..

I started this blog in November 2008 - one cold winter night I sat down and said to myself, "dude, I am going to be the world's best writer - ever." 
I will observe things-
I will dive deep into the sea of thoughts 
(and, most importantly,) I will make a difference.
The world is my oyster after all!

But some 3 posts down the line............

I, was shocked to see that the sea of thoughts had evaporated faster than petrol. 
I sucked at observing.
and the only difference I made was in the font size of my blog.

To cut a long story short, even before I could take off I had run out of fuel a.k.a the words. It was then that I heard about that thing called the writer's block - and suddenly it occurred to me that I had hit one.

Wow! I thought to myself, ‘barely 943 words into the bargain and my very own writer’s block.’
'Yes! Yes! Yes!'

Anyhow that block continued from December 2008 to September 2012 – and now I am back hoping that the next one doesn't come along anytime soon.
So by day I am a lawyer but I moonlight as a writer.

and last but not the least, I love it when you visit and I love it even more when you leave a comment.


Talitha said...

I must say that your writer's block is very funny and pretty productive too!
I don't see the posts on your blog as nothing...no justifying!

Stutee Nag said...

n I couldn't be more proud of the fact that some one as talented as you checks out my blog... Mean it!

myriadrantings said...

Dropped in from madmomma's blog, loved the way you had articulated your point there...Had to leave a comment for the following reasons:

1. I suffered from the writer's block exactly during the same four years that you did..the only difference was I could write just a single post :(

2. I see you have been house-hunting unsuccessfully. I am doing the same too. Just did a post 'Gharonda' on that some days back!

3. You lent your pen to the friend in school who wouldnt even lend you an eraser, and I used to do just that. Thanks for giving such a banal example that can yet strike a powerful chord.

Keep writing!


Stutee Nag said...

well, first of all Thanks for such sweet thoughtful words and second of all I just visited your blog and saw the similarity myself.. Loved your blog.. keep visiting - My blog twin!

Shanique Roca said...

I love your blog. I came for one post and stayed nearly half an hour. You are seriously awesome!

Stutee Nag said...

much love :-)