Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten things that I won’t miss about the "Great Indian Summer"

1.    The super-dreaded power cuts.
2.    The urghhhh-so-pathetic Humidity.
3.    The constant reaching out for facial wipes.
4.    The mind-numbingly annoying state of mind when you are at Dimpy beauty parlour , it’s a 100 degrees outside,   (the parlour wali aunty’s three years old daughter is all over your handbag) and
the damned wax refuses to stick.
5.    The knot in the stomach that you get when suddenly out of the blue your maid declares somewhat triumphantly  ‘didi ji paani chla gya’
6.    The dry & frizzy hair that refuses to settle much like a disgruntled ex from a divorce.
7.    The fact that no matter who you are, what you do or where you go,
You abso-f*^king-lutely need a deodorant.
8.    The horrifying realisation when you are at a club, dancing all the way to glory on some western number (angreji beats J  )  and suddenly it occurs to you,
“F*^k! doodh fridge mein nahi rakha”
9.    The extra ten pounds of sun block that you carry on your person whenever you step out.
10.  The fact that no matter who fucks up (LIKE for instance YOUR BF/GF DUMPS YOU), everyone just seems to follow one mantra to Blame it on the monsoons.

 AND... Ten things that I absolutely will miss about summers:

1.    Chilled Beer
2.    Chilled Beer
3.    Chilled Beer
4.    Chilled Beer
5.    Chilled Beer
6.    Chilled Beer
7.    Chilled Beer
8.    Chilled Beer
9.    Chilled Beer
10. CHILLED BEER!!!!!!!!!!


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But u can have beer all around the year

Anonymous said...

really really funny. btw khushi this side n ur fb sucks

Tamana said...

good stuff